Fehrplay releases brand new euphoric hit “Dokebi”

Hailing from Norway, Jonas Fehr, better known as Fehrplay has recently dropped a brand new track, titled “Dokebi”. Known for his trailblazing style of work, his music is hard to classify into any genre. The producer put the world in awe when he first came out on Eric Prydz‘s label. His unique sound has earned him a very solid fan base as he journeys on to release quality tracks on Anjuna BeatsArmada, and Mau5trap. Some of Jonas’ note-worthy work includes “Lotus” and his remix of “The Reward is Cheese”.

The dynamic characteristics in Fehrplay‘s signature sounds range from dark, ominous hard-hitting bass line to uplifting, euphoric melodies. In his new release, he has successfully created a spirited, whimsical vibe with a dominant  melody and some “barely-there” vocal samples. Kicking off the track with a suspenseful chord progression and industrial-sounding vocals, Jonas has prepared the listeners for a emotional ride. As the track progresses, the inspiriting melody enters and takes the track to its zenith. “Dokebi” will be released on Armada Trice, the branch of Armada that bridges the radio-friendly mainstream tracks and edgy underground music. Check it out below!

Available now. Purchase here.