Ferry Corsten brings back his fabled Gouryella alias for latest trance anthem “Neba”

Ferry Corsten has always been a trailblazer of the trance scene. As an ever present force in electronic music, he has amassed a long line of classic tracks that has enthralled fans and inspired aspiring producers the world over. The Dutch music pioneer is responsible for mentoring and guiding some of the biggest stars of the electronic music scene and has never broken stride when it came to the quality of his productions and DJ sets. Among the multiple projects that the superstar has been involved in over the years is one that is close to the hearts of many trance enthusiasts the world over. The alias is Gouryella and almost a year ago to the day, Ferry released the first Gouryella track in 13 years.

The long awaited track was ‘Anahera’ and to say that it was met with a warm reception from trance fans is a massive understatement. The phenomenal track was the biggest selling and the longest #1 trance track in Beatport history. It also won the coveted title of ‘A State of Trance Tune of the Year’ for 2015 ahead of many greats including ASOT boss Armin Van Buuren. After another long wait, Ferry Corsten has unveiled the newest masterpiece from his beloved trance alias. Titled ‘Neba’ (meaning ‘Heaven’ in Slovakian), the record is entrenched in sweeping melodies, tingled in rolling basslines and atmospheric in its orchestral arrangement, all of which gives it an instantly propelling charm. It’s exactly what you would expect from a Gouryella track – an instant trance classic. The overwhelming love and support of fans for the Gouryella project encouraged Ferry to explore a deeper desire that he himself was yearning to revisit. The star adds:

‘I’ve been fortunate enough to spend much of my life making music and performing that music to incredible audiences worldwide. Over the past few years I was slowly becoming disheartened with the way the sound of our scene was evolving. I felt that the heart was slowly leaving the music in favor of those big drops and I felt the fans were sensing this too. So I’m really happy that I decided to return to Gouryella. It’s really given me a chance to explore an area of music I, and I imagine others, have always been passionate about; that emotive quality which makes a record so memorable’. 

With a packed summer schedule and a live show titled ‘Ferry Corsten Presents Gouryella Live’ the trance pioneer certainly shows no sign of stopping or running out of inspiration. Like a fine wine, Ferry just gets better with time. Trance fans are in for a real treat with the new tune. Check out ‘Neba’ below and order the massive track from June 13.



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