Kygo to donate money in support of LGBT movement in Africa

Kygo is showing his humanitarian side.  The Norwegian DJ, songwriter, music producer and musician whose real name is Kyrre Gorvell-Dahll is using his big name status to influence and help others.

The young 24-year-old will be giving money through a partnership with Rafto Foundations and to Rafto prize winner from 2011, Frank Mugisha to support his and activists work for gay rights in Uganda.

“I’m in a situation where I have the opportunity to help.  That I was not before, and will therefore help as much as possible now,” states Kygo.

Kygo met with Frank Mugisha in Bergen.  Mugisha is one of the leading champion activists fighting for LGBT rights in Uganda.  This partnership and cooperation will help to make others feel safer.  Most of the profit from his show Cloud 9, in Bergen, taking place on August 20 will be going to the work that Mugisha and other activists do.  Kygo is also a well known artist in Uganda as according to Mugisha.

The $50,000+ to be donated will help provide surplus or to buy homes.  Many activists leases are terminated once their sexual orientation is known, and it causes many to be living in fear.  This partnership should last over time as well.  Who the organization partners with and chooses as their benefactor plays an important and integral role.   Jostein Kobbeltveit, the head of the Rafto House knows Kygo’s reach is extensive.  The Kennedy Foundation and Guggenheim Foundation will also be donating.

Kygo notes that Rafto Foundation has been doing a great job and that his choice to be the benefactor and donate to them was an easy choice.  Jan M. Bjordal, Kygo’s stepfather and manager knows Thorolf Rafto’s personal, and family wishes and is in support of the money going to this foundation.

As if fans need another reason to love Kygo, he gives it to them none-the-less.  It proves that even famous DJ’s like to give a helping hand.


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