Kygo wins Norway’s Export Award and donates grant money to music centre

In the unlikely case that he needed any more accolades to add to his ever-growing list, Kygo has just been awarded the Norway Export Award for 2015 by his home country. The prize was granted to the superstar by the organisation Music Norway which is awarded to Norwegian artists with exceptional international success. The music prodigy was presented with a statue and a grant of of 100,000 Norwegian Kroner (over €10,000) by Norway’s Minister of Culture at a summer party in Oslo.

The jury was unanimous in its decision to award the title of the most important export of Norwegian music in the past year to the tropical house star. The award further emphasized Kygo’s incredible imprint on the scene and cemented his position as one of the leading representatives of the new wave of commercial dance music.

“When the winner was to be appointed, it was a clear and unanimous decision and it’s a pleasure to be able to give Kygo this very well deserved award” said the jury. “When the history of music is summarized he will definitely be featured as one of the period’s absolute pioneers. Kygo sailed up to become one of the largest export successes ever in both live performances and recordings” the jury added.

The Norwegian star used the opportunity to display his philanthropist side and indicated that he was awarding the significant sum to Brak, a music center in Norway. The scholarship is named “It was here that it began” and will be passed on to a musically significant environment in the local area. Brak representatives humbly accepted the grant and added:

”It is a great honor for us to receive this award. For nearly 20 years we worked behind the scenes to develop a professional music scene in and around Bergen. It’s rare to see an artist like Kygo become an international star at record speed. His success inspires others and paves the way for new talent.”

Proving to be a true inspiration as not only an artist but a socially conscious humanitarian, Kygo is one star that has certainly earned the respect of his peers and fans the world over.

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