Martin Garrix surprises with colourful new ’90s video game inspired track, “Oops”

Popular electronic trade show E3 is underway in Los Angeles and dance music is complementing the event heavily with the likes of Krewella, Pierce Fulton, Puppet and more. Martin Garrix has now pitched in his contribution in the form of “Oops”, a highly awaited feel-good tune that’s been considered the follow up to his hit single, Forbidden Voices for months now.

“I am so honored to team up with E3 and YouTube to play a part in celebrating the future of the video game industry” – Martin Garrix

Oops is unusually good in its 8-bit theme and it’s not everyday you get to hear top artists experiment with their sound. A ’90s aura radiates through the track and will definitely take you back to your childhood days to those addictive video games. The track features a gleeful vibe with chirpy melodies and Garrix’s signature vocal chops.

Grab your copy here.