Martin Garrix unleashes brand new ID during live set

We’ve seen a extremely hard-working Martin Garrix over the course of the past year. His side project Area21 proved his versatile virtue,  which should clearly be manifested in he upcoming album. And as the release date is getting closer and closer, Martin doesn’t recess from endowing us with unreleased material. The dutch wunderkind has previously released his eagerly anticipated “Now That I Found You”, followed by a future-step piece as Area21  titled “Girls” earlier this month. Now with a slot appearing at the Indy 500 Snakepit, Garrix dropped a brand new ID.

Fans will be pleased with this newest release as it is vintage Garrix. A video game vibe combines mallet sweeps with the signature Garrix synth into an epic, melodical experience. A tight drop follows, with a relatively minimal sub-bass and kick drum pattern providing the foundation for skittering synths and high-pitched sonic elements calling back to the video game vibe. Even managing to fit in an mini-orchestral part, Garrix maintains his signature attention to detail, subtly tweaking each successive note and surprising listeners with the next section of his track.

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