Martin Garrix’s breakthrough anthem “Animals” is 3 years old today

If ever there was a track to define a generation, it would undoubtedly be “Animals” by Martin Garrix. The mega hit acted as the soundtrack to the entire mainstream EDM/Big Room House movement and spawned hundreds of thousands of imitations practically creating an entire genre.

The simple but effective track dominated the world due to a highly effective marketing campaign and the support of many popular DJs during the start of 2013. Spinnin’ records teased the release with a video entitled “Animals (Teaser)” leading many to speculate that it was Hardwell or even GTA behind the release. When it was eventually announced that it was the then 17 year old Garrix behind the hit, this would be the moment that he would begin his rise to becoming one of, if not the biggest DJ in the world.

Not only was the production a monster hit over the summer of 2013, being played by practically every single DJ seen on mainstage lineups, it was also a major commercial success too, hitting the coveted number 1 spot on the UK singles charts. It has been awarded platinum status in 9 countries and at the time of writing the official video has accumulated over 833 million views of YouTube. Certainly an immense success, we also can’t take away from the talents of young Martin who obviously knows how to make a hit.

And while the world was still abuzz with the big room craze, Garrix wasn’t there to stay for too long as he released 3 or 4 songs in the same style before quickly moving onto to his newer style of more festival progressive house.

So on it’s third anniversary, let’s celebrate one of the most genre defining tracks in dance music history: