Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero unveils vocal version of “Novell”

Nicky Romero is a force within the Dutch dance music scene. Having made a resurgent come back of sorts in 2016 since his battle with anxiety,  his studio production over the past six months has re-secured his status as a lead of the pack.

Returning to his renowned Progressive House, “Novell” has had many fans in a frenzy this festival season. A highly energized electro-house banger, Nicky Romero’s priceless synth selection, compilation and timing provide a bounty of dance floor potential. And following a trend over the past few years, he’s elected to provide a vocal version of the mighty fine instrumental.

Titled “The Moment (Novell)”, Romero strips back a couple of the layers to provide room and capacity of the vocal top. Enlisting pristine vocal chops of a yet-to-be-named singer, the new element provides a more festival and radio orientated dynamic. Delivering a smooth tenor compliments the established layers, resulting in a more explicitly emotive piece of material.

Willing to cover the spectrum of output, Nicky Romero’s re-emergence into the spotlight is a refreshing one already. And with the trilogy “Novell” is a part of, the final chapter is one we’ll be keeping a close eye on. Especially as the recent additions to his discography have been among his finest.

“The Moment (Novell)” will see its official release on 17th June on his ever faithful and consistent Protocol Recordings. Let us know your thoughts on the vocal track!

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