Ookay – Thief (Chilly Cizz Remix)

Chilly Cizz is a brand new Swedish up and comer in the future bass scene who’s gone relatively unnoticed for sometime now. While his tracks and remixes have amassed thousands and thousands of plays, he still has less than 200 followers on his SoundCloud page, and we’ve recently picked up his latest remix of the Ookay tune “Thief”.

Opening with lush synth pads accompanied by the fantastic vocals, the track quickly escalates into a heart pumping build complete with the catchy sax progression before cascading into a massive, future bass drop. The super-saws used in the drop sound absolutely huge and are layered with some nice trap percussion. The remix again breaks down before dropping again into a whirlwind of synths and little soundbites and one shot samples which is signature of future bass.

While future bass is the hottest genre around at the moment, you’d want to keep a keen eye on Chilly Cizz as he could definitely be the next biggest thing in the genre.