Otto Knows and Avicii release unique music video for ‘Back Where I Belong’

Fans of the infamous long-time friends were overjoyed after the recent monumental announcement that Otto Knows and Avicii have finally collaborated on a track together. The track entitled ‘Back Where I Belong’ set the internet alight with fans’ excitement about its official release.

After the initial buzz around the track had calmed down, the pair decided to surprise their fans once again with a one of a kind music video for the tune. The video is a unique and personal insight into Otto’s tour life and is differentiated by the fact that it’s the first ever Snapchat music video. Instead of using a full production crew for the video which is what fans would expect from such a high-profile duo, Otto instead filmed it on his mobile phone on Snapchat. The simple yet revolutionary idea made it the first video to not only be filmed but also debuted on Snapchat.

The video is an all round fun adventure that follows Otto around the world with colorful Snapchat effects in hand. From famous cameos to grocery stores, burritos, Channing Tatum lookalikes, Snapchat effects and emojis on friends to the infamous photograph of the young Avicii and Otto – this video quite literally has it all. The music video could not be complete without a cameo by Otto’s superstar pal Avicii playing at a pool party in Las Vegas.

Props to the famous pair for their originality and taking a risk in their musical endeavour. The crazy music video gives us a colorful glimpse into the life of a DJ in a unique way and justifies the immense popularity of Snapchat. Check out the adventures below:


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