Porter Robinson may have hinted at his newest RL Grime’s remix

When RL Grime released his remix of The Weeknd’s “The Hills” last September, I don’t think anyone expected the monstrous amount of volume that would soon shadow behind it. The track, which has now surpassed the 20 million mark, may yet again be remastered. This time, all signs point to Porter Robinson.

Taking on an R&B record is a feat not many can comfortably attempt, but after viewing the sneak peek below however, it appears Porter may very well have won that battle. The Anime man himself seems to have snuck his Weeknd remix into his California State University, Fullerton set. The clip showcases a revamped RL Grimes mix with major drum pickups and spot on bass placement.

Still yet to be confirmed whether or not the remix is actually his, the fan video below hints at a very interesting possibility.

The drop was insane lol . #springconcert #porterrobinson #fullerton

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