Sound of Legend – Komodo

Sound of Legend is an upcoming artist who’s set to make long strides within this industry. Having a superhero gimmick will certainly attract many people from across the globe but what allows this producer to stand out is his incredible music. Sound of Legend first released his electrifying remix of Stan Courtois and Felly’s “Malosax”, which immediately caught the attention of numerous dance music fans and effectively displayed his musical prowess.

Returning for another big track, Sound of Legend recently released his brand new single titled “Komodo”. This record consists of some stunning melodies and synths that would truly blow any listener’s mind. With the addition of some female vocals, the track provides a refreshing auditory experience from start to finish, ending with the heart-pumping and bass-heavy drop. Overall, with its superb mixture of different musical elements and its insurmountable amount of energy, this tune is an absolute must-hear that has the capability of lighting up any festival or club around the world.

“Komodo” is out now and you can buy/stream it here.