Starflow is the App of the future

Starflow is not just your run-of-the-mill emerging Application for your mobile devices. It is an accumulation of hard work, dedication and considered thought to help provide a platform for all your personal interest’s.

Helping people across the globe follow their favourite celebrities, people and pages, it brings together all of the relevant social media platform’s into one, simple, easy-to-use and convenient location. Aided by slick design and sharp thinking, the feed brings you posts from Facebook, picture from Instagram, songs from Soundcloud, tweets from Twitter and video’s from YouTube, allowing you to keep up with the latest content and news from those who you appreciate, idolize and support. And more importantly, not those you don’t.

In turn, bringing you an individualized and customized feed that simultaneously provides you information about relevant trends, based on your preferences. Enabling you to explore and widen your interest’s, taste’s and knowledge base. Better still, if one of your preferred people isn’t available at the time, Starflow will let you know when they are.

On the flip side of the product’s theory, is the easy access for creators and influencers to a tool that allows them to control their overall digital profile and more effectively monetize their efforts and content. Allowing user’s and uploader’s to enjoy and provide content without the hassle of links, new pages and multiple platforms to do so. Creating a closer relationship between people and acting as a funnel of content to audiences who have an interest.

It is also worth noting, a number of high profile DJ’s have already moved towards the platform, with the likes of Qulinez and other artists that have already posting content via the App, Regardless – you can discover content from high profile DJ’s like Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Avicii and more. And in addition, while we did look for some weaknesses, we really have struggled to find a fault with what the product offer’s, especially music fans.

Check out a preview of the interface below and grab your copy of Starflow today from the App Store today!

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