Tiësto announces six-hour set for upcoming Amsterdam Music Festival

Tiësto is undoubtedly one of the biggest game-changers of the electronic music scene. Since his early days as a producer and DJ, the Dutchman has constantly displayed his undeniable musical prowess and has grown into one of the most dynamic superstars in the business.

Throughout his career, he has accomplished an insurmountable amount of goals such as winning a Grammy award and ranking as the world’s #1 DJ for three consecutive years. He has also headlined some of the most prominent festivals out there, and even performed at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

With these many accolades, however, Tiësto does not seem to slow down and still looks like he is at the prime of his illustrious career. Especially with his latest single with internationally renowned singer John Legend called “Summer Nights”, he simply continues to shock the world with his always astonishing music.

Also known for delivering some memorable performances, Tiësto had recently announced that he will be bringing a gargantuan set for this year’s upcoming Amsterdam Music Festival. Typically, an average live set ranges from an hour to three hours but according to the legendary DJ, he will be performing for six total hours. These extended sets are extremely rare nowadays and thus, fans are absolutely ecstatic toward what Tiësto has in stored for the massive festival this October.

Tickets go on sale June 24th and you can purchase them here.