Arty’s “Around The World” was released 5 years ago

Arty and his Trance roots will never be forgotten by those who have followed his career, and those who’ve been engaged with the scene for a number of years. Once a premium talent on the esteemed Ajunabeats, Arty has since delved into a broader production discography.

Helping his nomination for ‘Best Break-Through DJ’ at the 2011 International Dance Music Awards, “Around The World” elevated the young Russian’s status to new heights. Coming in an Extended and Radio Edit format, the track pushed the boundaries of Trance. Simultaneous with Above & Beyond’s move into more trousey sounds for their label, the progressive trance sub-genre can have its origins traced back to the likes of Arty’s masterpiece.

Glorious and summery in its melodic feel, the roaring atmosphere that it culminates towards is one very difficult to forget. Releasing at the optimum time for the warmest season, the track hasn’t lost its effect. Even after five years, “Around The World” still provides an air of optimism. But now with undertones of nostalgia and reflective connotations.

Easily one of his finest works, Arty now holds one of the most extensive and rich portfolio’s of anyone from the Russian electronic dance music scene. Comfortably among one of the most consistent and respect artist’s, we will no doubt be revisiting this track in another five years!

Relive the Progressive Trance masterclass below!

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