Avicii announces brand new “Avicii by Avicii” remix on Twitter

The Swedish-born 26-year-old producer recently released a statement saying that he will no longer be touring due to health & other personal issues; however, this does not mean he will stop producing music, thankfully. On Twitter, the Grammy-nominated producer tweeted the following:

This indicates that the remix will be released today, July 15th, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for it. Avicii has been on fire producing-wise, with many of his tracks well over 100,000,000 views on Spotify & YouTube and multiple songs hitting the top 10 charts in countries from all over the world, proving he is a true global success in the dance music scene.

Avicii has also been very well known for his explosive live sets & his passion on stage & for the fans, including the time where he was desperately finishing a track to play live five minutes before he was required on stage. He has played practically every major dance music festival in the world, including Ultra, EDC & Creamfields and it will be sad to see his name disappear from those line-ups but we will all wish him the best for the future & a speedy recovery.