Avicii’s ‘Fade Into Darkness’ was released 5 years ago

Avicii has already etched his mark on the genre’s history. Having been at the helm of the industry for a number of years now, the trend setter’s earlier material is starting to transfer from a status of ‘loved’, to now ‘loved and nostalgic’.

Often refereed to as the release before “Levels” was unleashed on the world, “Fade Into Darkness” includes a number of influences. Featuring the uncredited coals of Andreas Moe, the song also incorporates components from¬†“Perpetuum Mobile” by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. In turn, causing its name prior to its release five years ago to be refereed to as “Penguin”. Also of interest, if the fact that John Martin is credited as a writer.

Sitting at just under 21 million views on YouTube, on the scale of Avicii’s success, it sits as a moderate success. However what it did for the Swede was formalize and solidify a trend of his quality and popularity. In turn, acting as a pivotal and vital moment for his well-known and documented rise into the global mainstream.

Catchy and addictive in melody and vocal, Avicii’s signature style and sound was starting to become very apparent. Played at clubs, festivals and increasingly on the radio, the tracks success also demonstrated electronic dance music’s rise to prominence.

Relive the infectious and the now nostalgic track below, and let us know where it ranks in your list of Avicii’s best tracks!


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