Axwell - Heart Is King

Axwell plays at private Bar Mitzvah in Israel

It is no secret that famous artists often get invited to play at private events and recently, several DJs has been taking on side gigs on top of their regular performances. As a part of the trend, Axwell was invited to play at a private Bar Mitzvah this week in front of 100 kids at the age of 13 in Israel.

With the boom in popularity of EDM, kids are being exposed to legendary DJs such as Axwell himself. In the video, Axwell plays one of Swedish House Mafia’s flagship tracks, “Don’t You Worry Child”. Due to the fact that he is playing for a younger crowd, his set is more mainstream oriented and dominated by vocal melodic tracks.

Check out the video below:

Alesso, also taking advantage of the situation, recently played at a Bar Mizvah of the grandson of a business tycoon in Israel Rafi Nakash. With multiple tracks such as “Calling”, “If I Lose Myself”, and “Under control” going platinum, his reputation precedes him. Has EDM and famous DJs become an accessory of the rich and wealthy?

Tiesto, on the otherhand, took a different approach. He advertised that he would officiate a couple’s wedding in Las Vegas. However out of the ordinary, the lucky couple, Mr and Mrs. Blaine Sullivan, aided in Tiesto’s marketing campaign and got married with the blessings of this world-renowned DJ.