Chicane – Saltwater (Kryder Remix)

“Saltwater is a track which will always be timeless. The legendary 90s anthem produced by Nick Bracegirdle, or Chicane as he’s better known by is one of the greatest dance tracks ever recorded, and one which many would consider untouchable. As the 20th anniversary of the Chicane project nears Nick has commissioned a special album entitled “20” which features a blend of old and new tracks as well as a number of very special remixes, and today we’re looking at the Kryder remix of “Saltwater.”

Kryder has been unstoppable as of late in his attempt in putting the groove back into the big rooms, with the debut release on Cartel Recordings coming out very shortly, the weekly Kryteria Radio never disappointing and a slowly growing mass movement known as the groove cartel which he is leading, it’s safe to say that things can’t get much better for the English producer.

Remixing an all time classic is no easy feat, but Kryder manages to pull this one off with ease delivering an incredible take on “Saltwater” which retains the vibe and beauty of the original with the Kryder sound still managing to shine through. This is a monster of a remix with some massive piano and synth stabs giving the track a lot of emotion. “Saltwater” is one of those tearjerker tunes, and Kryder keeps that vibe going in his remix. The breakdown is largely reminiscent of the original, not wanting to alter it too much, before those huge stabs come back into the mix for the climax of the track. Without a doubt one of the best remixes released this year, and definitely one of the best remixes ever for this track. Kryder deserves serious praise for managing to pull off this difficult remix with ease.

You can stream the remix as debuted on ASOT below: