Dada Life – Yellow Is The Color of Happiness

Whilst Dada Life may have fallen below the radar of some dance music fans in recent times, they are now coming back with a bang by releasing not only one, but two tracks in the same week. Having first announced the release of ‘Red Is The Color of Rage‘ last week, the pair have also just released its follow up in the shape of ‘Yellow Is The Color of Happiness‘. The Dada Life duo have been quite silent on the output front for the past months, with only two major releases in the past year, the main hit coming in the shape of ‘One Last Night On Earth‘ – released in August 2015, whilst ‘Tic Tic Tic’ was released in February this year. However, this lack of music was put into context when it was announced that Dada Land had ran into a speed bump when Olle Corneér was diagnosed with cancer. But now the interesting duo’s triumphant return will be no doubt welcomed by their loyal fan base.

Having also made their return to the Tomorrowland Mainstage this weekend, the pair topped off the week by releasing ‘Yellow Is The Color of Happiness’ – the perfect hard-hitting electro track for the duo’s typical energetic sets. Featuring a catchy melody and raw supersaw synths, the track is reminiscent of their old style and will be exactly what Dada fans have been waiting for. Having just been released on the pair’s own imprint ‘So Much Dada’, they will certainly be looking for these two tracks to kickstart the year and carry this momentum forward for more future releases. Check out the preview below, and purchase the full track here.