Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Night (brgs Remix)

Very few know about Brazilian dance music producer brgs. However, his track listing to date has unveiled a unique talent from just a quartet or original material.

Formally known as Hugo Borges, the 19 year old has already delved into a couple of sub-genre’s. Exploring sounds and styles, his skill as a pianist is unmistakable, and undeniable. Featuring two instrumental piece on this SoundCloud, brgs shows melodic class, craft and understanding with “For The Soul” and “Lost“.

In turn, helping him combining his instrumental skill and love of electronic music production. Evident to varying degree’s, his other tracks show his exploration into synthy and chopped styles. Overall, helping the listener’s hear his gradual progression towards the latest offering from his little-known channel.

Worthy of tens of thousands more followers and plays, his rework of Kid Cudi’s mainstream hit “Day ‘n’ Night”, reimagines the track. Creating the track from scratch is no easy task, but reflects brgs’s boldness in attitude. Often difficult to fully modify, the young Brazilian has achieved just that.

Creating a more dynamic composition in terms of energy and atmosphere, the slower tempo add’s a more evocative undertone to the lyrical overlay. Orientating around the vocals, the fresh new take uses his piano skills as a foundation to build around. Rising synths and heavy beat sequences are joined by consciously places chimes masterful pacing. Using a timed series of sound introductions and conclusions, brgs conjures a piece of music few could imagine, and even less could pull off.

Going against the trend of high-octane Brazilian music producers in the dance music scene, brgs’s remix of “Day ‘n’ Night” is well worth a listen. Or ten.

Check out the free download below!

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