Deadmau5 creates new virtual reality game in partnership with Absolut

It seems like Deadmau5 not only provides the most modern technology for his brand new stage design “Cube V2”, but also immerses into the gaming scene by contributing to a brand new virtual reality game, while teaming up with Absolut. With Deadmau5, Absolut chose an artist who simply has its fingers on the pulse of the time regarding the latest technology. The cleverly titled “Absolut Deadmau5” game managed to create a gorgeously unique experience, featuring one of dance music industry’s biggest kingpins.

Saddled with new music from Deadmau5, the game allows the player to full immerse themselves in the world of the superstar producer and DJ, driving through the chilly Toronto streets, petting his cat Meowingtons, attempting to get to shows and, of course, standing alongside the DJ as he plays in front of countless braying NPC fans. Whether there will be a special bonus stage where you get to witness him trash talking on social media or live stream his hours-long studio sessions, we can’t confirm, but it’s virtual reality right?

Check out the behind the scenes video below and learn more about the campaign.


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