Deadmau5 hints at taking B2B performances project with Eric Prydz to US

If you missed the legendary back-to-back performance from the greatest music producers of the present times, you’re right in feeling the regret. The Tomorrowland performance from Deadmau5 & Eric Prydz was something that was hyped ever since it’s rumors arrived in the mainstream and undoubtedly, the event staff, Eric Prydz, Joel and their team put in all their effort to make the set an unforgettable one. Mesmerized by their performance, we spared no moments in posting updates of their B2B set here! The mixture of Eric Prydz’ Album title track ‘Opus‘ and Deadmau5’ famous ‘Raise Your Weapon‘ in the video below sums up the performance eloquently.

Following the performance, Deadmau5 took to his twitter handle to thank Eric Prydz and the Tomorrowland team around the set-up in bringing to life the set which he termed as a ‘religious‘ experience. We can surely say that anyone who experienced the set, shares those sentiments.

What really turned the eyes and heads next was the fact that Joel hinted at the possibility of expanding the concept that he and Eric had worked on for the past 3 months. Regardless of whether it’s a performance in Europe or America, what excites the bunch of us is that we’ll get to see and hear more of their B2B sets and can possibly look forward to a few more collaborations – it’s not bad to dream, right?!

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