Don Diablo & Matt Nash’s classic Axtone hit “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)” turns three years old today

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Back in 2013, Dutch mastermind Don Diablo joined forces with London native Matt Nash to produce one of dance music’s finest anthems. With the help of Stockholm’s Noonie Bao for the track’s majestic vocals, this track truly provides an incredible auditory journey from the moment the first melody hits to the very last beat. Titled “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)”, this progressive house classic has achieved a vast amount of success ever since its release and has continued to rejuvenate our ears even to this day.

Being one of Axtone Records’ biggest singles, Don Diablo and Matt Nash’s phenomenal record has certainly left us many memories with its undeniably heart-warming melodies and mind-boggling chords. Alongside Bao’s striking vocals, this track truly presents an impeccable combination of several different musical elements. Swedish sensation Otto Knows once provided a breathtaking remix of this song as well, which similarly received much praise from producers and fans alike.

To celebrate its 3rd anniversary, you can relive Don Diablo and Matt Nash’s original progressive house masterpiece and its gorgeous remix from Otto Knows below:

And for all those in Europe for the week, we recommend that you check out Don Diablo’ performance at the unique in itself Air Festival being held in the North-Eastern city of Hradec Králové in Czech Republic. Undoubtedly one of the biggest shows of the country, we had reported about the upcoming performances of Martin Garrix and Don Diablo among many other at the festival in our write-up here