Drop Department

Drop Department – Mahala

Drop Department are the latest additions to one of the scene’s most special labels. Since its launch in 2014, Kryder’s Sosumi Records has continued to allow previously unsigned artists to reach new audiences globally.

Just recently, the imprint welcomed Bosnian power duo Drop Department to the family with their huge summer track “Mahala”. The track has been an inherent part in Kryder’s sets in recent times and has been gaining rapid support from other renowned DJ’s such as Dannic, Promise Land, NEW_ID, Abel Ramos and many more.

After their recent coup “Bangalore” alongisde Divolly & Markward, the duo decided to represent the rising trend that had been dubbed ‘Balkan House’ on their own this time.

“Mahala” focuses upon a tribal, rhythmic structure, with powerful trumpets atop. An intoxicating blend of tribal and groove dance, the pulsating combination create a vibrant atmosphere. The song itself is also sparse and bare when it needs to be, reflecting the musical understand Drop Department have. However, rest assured it doesn’t hold back from its own bright and rushing energy in the chorus.

Full of charm and earnest, “Mahala” is a track that gets everything right from a label that seems can do no wrong. Rumour also has it the duo will continue their rise with a new track predicted in the very near future!

Check out Drop Departments work below!


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