Eric Alamango & Jamie Wild – Can’t Wait

Helsinki-based record label Starmode has certainly been on fire ever since Finnish producer Tarmo established it. With such top-notch releases including Tarmo’s most recent single, “Old School Hook”, this imprint has continued to provide dance music fans with incredible music from some of the industry’s upcoming artists. Having such great momentum in hand, Starmode has just released another astonishing track titled “Can’t Wait”, which is produced by the talented deep and future house mastermind Eric Alamango and singer Jamie Wild.

The United Kingdom’s Eric Alamango has also caught the attention of many fans across the globe. With his lovely original song “The Miracle” and his stunning remix of Tarmo’s “One and Wild”, Alamango has undoubtedly kept an impressive track record of releasing such high-quality music. He shows his prowess once again with this brand new single on Starmode and alongside Jamie Wild’s vocals, this track is an absolute must-hear from beginning to end.

Consisting of some heartwarming melodies and striking chords, “Can’t Wait” immediately delivers a beautiful auditory experience right through our ears. Once the drop enters, a massive wave of energy is also sent out with the track’s deep basslines and addictive beats. Overall, this new single presents an impeccable combination of Alamango’s riveting instrumentals and Wild’s marvelous vocals, which should definitely be able to give them much more recognition for their respective musical talents.