Eric Prydz showcases brand new music at latest Opium Barcelona performance

One of the fundamental joys of being an Eric Prydz fan is that there is never any expectancy of low quality. As we report this piece today, Eric Prydz is celebrating his 40th birthday and the gifts he dished out at his performance at Opium Barcelona has got fans around the world on their heels as some brand new and exclusive music was played at the widely known club. And this is fairly reminiscent of the time when the Swedish Production master dished out ‘Opus‘ at EDCLV in 2015 and the absolutely charming ID at the end of the similar set in 2016. Hence, it may not be far-fetched to say that it has become a habit of his and ours, as fans, to enjoy the indescribable joys of new music.

The tracks played at Opium are no different. Powerful and having a driving force behind them, it is almost as if Prydz is writing poetry as he plays this songs out live in the club. Already titled as Opium ID1 & Opium ID2 by the fans, without any certainty as to who these tracks belong to, they seem to have taken over forums, pages and channels all around the Progressive Music community. Nevertheless, in the end it’s just the avenue of more releases being lined up for all of us as fans and for Eric to enjoy his own birthday knowing that what he makes for himself also keeps the fans happy!


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