Feed Me releases brand new EP, ‘Feed Me’s Family Reunion’

Jon Gooch, who is most notably known for his two aliases Spor and Feed Me, is highly regarded as one of the industry’s most versatile music producers. As his drum-and-bass act Spor, he has garnered a vast amount of support especially with his recent ‘Black Eyed – EP’. With his electro house and dubstep project Feed Me, his success has also been immense. Having released such high-quality productions such as “Love is All I Got” and his ‘Calamari Tuesday’ album, Feed Me has certainly been on the radar of numerous fans from all across the globe.

Following his astounding releases, including last year’s ‘A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo’ EP, Feed Me is finally back with another mind-boggling extended play titled ‘Feed Me’s Family Reunion‘. This eight-track EP is introduced by the mesmerizing dubstep track “High Speed Weekend Survivor“, which is followed by the moombahton-inspired “Stay Focused“. The heart-pumping and mind-blowing “Red Clouds (Serious Ting)” is next, as well as the melody-driven “What It Feels Like“, which was released as a single early this year.

The dark and mysterious “Schizoid” then follows, with “Trouble” delivering its aggressive sounds right afterwards. “American Cemetery” continues the flow of energy with its electrifying dubstep style¬†and lastly, “Life Raft” concludes this well-produced EP with its striking synths and heavy beats. Overall, with its superb combination of dubstep, electro house, and moombahton elements, Feed Me’s new EP is certainly worth listening from start to finish.

You can download ‘Feed Me’s Family Reunion’ EP here.