Galantis confirm new album and hint at its sound

Galantis have been a force to be reckoned with over the past four years. Emerging from a humble studio in rural countryside, to headlining main stages globally, their rise has been impressive to say the least.

Formally a side project by two established Swedish DJ/Producers, Galantis has now evolved into their priority. One of the most innovative act’s within the scene, their debut album “Pharmacy” turned heads. Creating ample examples of their characteristic vocal effect, the LP also out-performed many of the scene’s predictions. In turn, bringing the likes of Billboard and the BBC attentions to their work.

With their track “Runaway (U& I)” one of the most played tracks of last year, their most recent single, “No Money”, has enjoyed an array of remixes but some of the scene’s best. The two tracks in turn going against the trending sub-genre’s of bass/trap and tropical house. Staying true to their pursuit of the unheard.

As the charismatic Christian says, “if someone is doing it right now and it’s super hyped, we don’t want to be close to it”:

“You try to figure out where you want to go, where the next step is for you and your band but at the same time you’re looking at it thinking, ‘Where is the house scene going?’ When you create something that is completely your own thing, that’s when you don’t really have to look at where the genre is going.”

Overall, implying that their second, and upcoming album (which is currently in the works), is set to be another head turning. For all of the right reasons. And while Linus himself had admitted that creating a strong successor will be no easy task, he is confident the established Galantis’ identity they’ve developed is future-proof.

“When you’re recording a new album you want to restart, to the point where no-one knows what to expect from you…we still want to feel like we’re bringing something fresh.”

H/T: YourEDM

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