Gorillaz’s upcoming unnamed fifth album set to ‘be ready fairly soon’

To the delight of Gorillaz fans all over the world, the widely known production duo of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett seem to be heading straight towards the completion of their fifth studio album which is set for release in 2017, the former has confirmed on a recent talk session that he did with BBC 6 Radio. As we had reported exactly an year before, the English virtual band were set to return to production and those prospects had excited fans world over. And it wasn’t long ago, in April 2016 to be precise, a few shuffles through the duo’s Instagram showcased possible collaborations with Twilite Tone, Massive Attack and one of the pioneers of Electronic Dance Music – Jean Michel Jarre. What is there to be said is that these collaborations aren’t confirmed as such but one can dream!

And then came the master-plan as in a totally unexpected move the duo started re-uploading their tracks on their YouTube channel, showing a sort of a unintended response to all the speculation that was floating around in the sphere of Electronic Dance Music. Regardless, it is time to prepare ourselves to throw ourselves back into the times when Gorillaz used to rule the radio and TV Music shows with the exciting prospects that may reside in the shape of their upcoming unnamed fifth album set for 2017!


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