Headhunterz & Conro – Unique (ft Clara Mae)

Headhunterz may has firstly made his name crafting Hardstyle anthems, then switched his style and caught attention with hits like “Live Your Life”, “Kundalini” or “Won’t Stop Rocking”, but if his latest track is any indication, Headhunterz is ready once again to branch out into more eclectic territories. The Dutch producer has just released his new song “Unique”, a collaboration with Conro and Clara Mae, out on Ultra Records.

Perhaps aided by the softer sentimentalism of dance music’s new wave, the track is much different from Headhunterz’ usual output, presenting a slower tempo with a yet uplifting pop-savvy backbone. The track is clearly designed with radio-appeal in mind, but is ultimately more palatable than much of its commercial EDM counterparts.

What stands out is Clara Mae’s on-point voice on the one side, and a unique and convincing Future Bass structure on the other side, which introduces the main melody right before the drop and is most responsible for the uplifting and peerlees touch of Headhunterz’ latest gem.

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