Jolique ft. Daddy’s Girl – Negin

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Somewhere between a spike in vocal dance music on the European airwaves and the domestication of polished tropical house within the global charts, the agenda for accessible, chart-primed electronic music has become a bit of a flat affair. The enthusiasm was there, but something lacked in the songwriting that allowed the more practiced genres to succeed and inevitably make the vocal dance market feel limp.

Jolique emerges as the antidote to a slack songwriting generation of revolutionized Soundcloud warriors and introduces herself in style. Making a step back towards the Neo-Underground, Tiesto’s newest imprint AFTR:HRS was created as a branch of Musical Freedom dedicated exclusively to his favorite deep house cuts.

Jolique was recruited as the label’s third’s release, a relatively unknown newcomer to electronic music. The track, titled “Negin,” combines tropical overtones sounded out by divine, stony piano with a thumping deep bassline and simplistic melody into a punchy house offering. Though it’s significantly different than something we’d usually hear played by Tiësto, Jolique injects just enough energy into the piece to adapt it to a more popular set. The track suits as the perfect opener for a beach party, which is now available for free.

Comprised of music and sarcasm. Based in Amsterdam