Justice & Simian iconic “We Are Your Friends” released 10 years ago

Justice are a French duo that came to prominence during the last decade. With their renowned album ‘†’  filled with hard-hitting, raw and powerful beats, the consequential US Tour helped bring the European electronic music scene to the masses of North America.

With tracks such as “D.A.N.C.E” and “DVNO“, and the monumental “Genesis“, Justice helped fuse grinding electro with a flurry of originality in every layer. Their talents have even been employed for Assassins Creed trailers. With an UK Dance single chart Number 1 also to their name, they have a status of respect and admirably adored.

However, it is one of their first creations for the mainstream ears that earned them their initial popularity and acknowledgement. Taking on lesser known British band, Simian, the duo helped create one of the decade’s most distinctive tracks. Using the electronic Manchester quartet’s original, Justice modified “Never Be Alone” to create what millions know the scintillating sound as today – “We Are Your Friends”.

Dropping 10 years ago today, it went on to serve as the name for Zac Efron’s DJ Movie. The track also reached No.20 in the UK Singles Chart and controversially beat Kanye West for the MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video. Lathered in Justice’s funky touches and crafted finesse, the Frenchmen helped form an unforgettable track.

Relive the infectious groove and addictive lyrics below!

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