Kryder & Eddie Thoneick – The Chant

At a time when mainstream dance music is often lifeless and generic, there’s one rising movement which is giving many people hope. That movement is the infamous groove cartel spearheaded by the likes of Kryder and Tom Staar who’s infectious house beats have been causing a major stir and have turned many fans into a lesser known side of dance music.

The rise of the groove cartel has been noticed by thousands around the world, and in particular Kryder’s weekly Kryteria has helped in putting the groove back into the big rooms. Taking to Spinnin’ records with the new concept of a record label inspired by this dance-floor driven sound, Kryder and Tom Staar have debuted their first release on the imprint, which see’s Kryder and Eddie Thoneick teaming up to release “The Chant”.

This absolute monster of a track is exactly how big room house music should sound. Inspired by the groovier, sexier sound of latin dance music with an enticing vocal chant as the tracks main draw, the track soon explodes into a massive percussion laiden climax again featuring the chant as the focal point. The main emphasis of the groove movement is how powerful drums and percussion are in making people dance, and the rhythms on display here are totally on point, it’s nearly impossible not to be grooving along yourself while listening. A fantastic track in its own right, and one which we can definitely see having a big impact at festivals this summer. Make sure to be on the look out for more special relases from the Groove Cartel as well.

You can stream “The Chant” below: