Legendary Ibiza club Amnesia raided by armed police

The legendary Ibiza club Amnesia has been raided by armed forces earlier this morning. The break-in is a result of an operation led by the Spanish law enforcement, alongside the local Tax Office, investigating money laundering frauds.

The raid was initiated by the National Police Task Force, the Organized and Anti-Drug Crime Team, Tax office experts and trained dogs. It completed with a total of 4 individuals being arrested, one of which is the owner of the club – Martin Ferrer. Algedly some of the other arrested individuals are Ferrer’s son, as well as his main partner, who also plays the role of the club’s accountant.

The Spanish international news agency Efe confirms that raids have also been performed in the houses of the arrested, in locations such as Ibiza, Barcelona & Palma.

The operation is under full confidentiality, therefore no official statement from police forces or company employees have been shared. Ahead of the operation is the court of Ibiza.

The raid started at around 7 am local time and took more than 6 hours. The respective forces have arrived by a helicopter. Some video snippets from what’s going on on location can be seen here.

The current situation does not give clearance as to whether the club’s functionality will be disturbed at any point and if any residencies and planned events will be canceled. We Rave You will closely monitor the development of this matter and will update you accordingly.

H/T Diario De Ibiza