Martin Garrix announces release date for collaboration with Bebe Rexha

Trust only Martin Garrix to perform on the final day of Tomorrowland and then take his fans by surprise as he announces the release of a brand new track with Bebe Rexha, all within the same week. The famed Dutchman reported on the release date for his next single ‘In The Name Of Love‘ in style as he answered promptly to an interviewer’s question regarding his collaboration with American singer/songwriter Bebe Rexha with a prompt ‘’s out this Friday!’.

And what a release it is bound to be. Lined up as the next on Garrix’s newly founded label STMPD RCRDS, the release features some breathtaking vocal worked lined up by Bebe Rexha whose voice not only conveys but emotes, showcasing true vocal command. And what more could a vocal work ask than to be enhanced by the meliflious and highly detailed production skills from one of the world’s best music producers. After a flurry of what were being named as ‘unimpressive’ releases, Garrix is replying with quality. Start-stop gimmickry, whacky vocal samples and some really impressive beat-work to carry the track across from the beginning to the start, there isn’t much one needs to add to this – it is perfect as it is.

All eyes now rest on the 29th of this month as this impressive track comes out for all!

And for all those in Europe for the week, we recommend that you check out Martin Garrix’ performance at the unique in itself Air Festival being held in the North-Eastern city of Hradec Králové in Czech Republic. Undoubtedly one of the biggest shows of the country, we had reported about the upcoming performances of Garrix and Don Diablo among many other at the festival in our write-up here!

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