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Matt Cudis ft. Caroline Lazar – Slow

Matt Cudis is an upcoming bright talent who’s certainly set to rise toward greater prominence in the future. The Miami-based producer and DJ has honed his craft immensely ever since he migrated from Dubai and as a result, he is now beginning his journey through the ever-growing electronic music scene. Under his impressive portfolio, Cudis has released a couple of high-quality remixes, including his take on Calvin Harris’s “Flashback” and most recently, Supermode’s “Tell Me Why”.

Cudis has also dropped a vivacious progressive solo track called “The Rise”, which evidently placed him under many people’s radars. After a series of successful productions, Cudis has just released his outstanding collaboration with his fellow University of Miami student Caroline Lazar titled “Slow“. With an impeccable combination of Cudis’s instrumentals and Lazar’s vocals, this track has already received a vast amount of support from fans and this should only continue in the next few months.

Blending together some striking melodies, chords, and vocal chops, “Slow” truly provides a mind-blowing listening experience from beginning till end. Especially when the synth-heavy climatic sequences commence, this record has the capability of getting an entire crowd jumping to its feet and even sending out some goosebumps here and there. Overall, with its lovely progressive elements and astonishing vocals, Cudis’s new single should be able to achieve success and propel the upcoming producer’s career to greater heights.

“Slow” is out now and you can download a copy below.