Premiere: MEG \ NERAK – Funky (James Brown Tribute)

MEG \ NERAK are a Russian pair that carry a proven versatility. So broad that many DJ/Producer’s career’s won’t cover the spectrum of sub-genre’s the duo have mastered already.

In conjunction with this, their impressive streak of release has also given reason for their elevated status. Following the mass success of “Concorde” back in 2014, it was an appearance on Sebastian Ingrosso’s Refune Music label for “Rocking” that helped increase the momentum of the rise to spotlight and recognition.

Returning to Axwell illustrious label, Axtone, MEG \ NERAK had no easy task trying to replicate what they’d done before. Following up the collaborations alongside fellow Russian Shapov, “Everybody” and “Party People” set the bar high. However, inspired by their affinity for the late James Brown, the duo have found a new direction altogether to achieve the precedent set.

Highly sought after in the past few months, “Funky” aims to reflect the specialty edge Brown provided in his music, within the modern, electronic sphere of music. Gaining support from the likes of Alesso, and fellow cohort-member Shapov already, the move is a respected and likened one.

Able to provide the distinctive MEG \ NERAK style, the flamboyant-yet-tradition House single eloquently samples James Brown’s iconic voice. Inserting a pulsating tempo, the reconfigured duo’s name seems to have given way to a flurry of infectious sounds. Layered smoothly and craftily under the central vocal loop, the more traditional and classic sound pallet employed really comes into its own. Bouncing off each other, the infused modern synths worm their  way to provide a foundation of energized atmosphere beneath the nostalgic vibes.

With all that on the forefront, what excites us more is the assured prospects of the upcoming collaboration between Russia’s production mastermind Shapov and the revered duo of Axwell^Ingrosso which is sure to be released soon after being teased by the latter of the collaborators!

One of their most distinguished piece to date, the duo, along with Axtone, can be proud of their tribute the musical genius.

Premiering on We Rave You, MEG \ NERAK’s “Funky” is now available to download today!

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