MOTi opens up about DJ Mag pool and future plans in interview

This year Europe’s summer offers a lot of great venues for us festival goers. This once we chose Austria‘s leading Electric Love Festival which takes place for the 4th continuous year in Salzburg. A unique atmosphere at the Salzburgring in the beautiful country land of Bavarian Alps, that’s the magic of this festival. What else to say when they bring leading acts such as Jack Ü, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Armin van Buuren, The Chainsmokers and so on, to the forefront of their performance stage. One such acts we had a chance to talk with was Tiësto‘s protégé MOTi and he opened up about DJ Mag pool and also his future plans.

1. Hello MOTi, Tomas from We Rave You – How do you like Electric Love Festival so far?

I really like it, it is so big with a lot of energy so can’t wait for my set tonight!

2. We met you yesterday watching Jack Ü and Headhunterz, do you have ‘tourist weekend’ in Austria?

Ye I have brought like 3 of my friends and my brother who is my tour manager so we just have fun whole weekend and they rave with me.

3.  What do you think about the DJ Mag pool?

Well I think there are no other pools so I think it is a good one you know, it’s good to see how many fans artists have but… well I think the most important thing is the music you bring out and the shows you do and it is good to be there for sure.

4. If we speak about the DJ Mag. Who will get your votes if you have to choose?

Well, of course Tiësto, who helped me out with my whole career. GTA because they are doing a great shows. Let me think about who else… hmm DVBBS, they have a really good year with tons of gigs and releases and my really good friend Quintino and of course myself!

5. Will you vote MOTi as your first pick?

Yeah for sure! (laughing…)

6. And you mentioned a Tiësto, do you have any upcoming releases on his label Musical Freedom as a follow for Turn It Up?

Right now we don’t have anything planned yet, the next one is going to be on Spinnin records and I am working on some other stuff but there is nothing confirmed on the other hand.

7. Can you reveal some secret upcoming collaborations?

Mmmm I am working on a really big remix for Tiësto, this is gonna be a good one.

8. If you have a chance to be a superhero, who will MOTi represent?

Well like I played Tomorrowland 2 times on Super You & Me stage for Laidback Luke and I had to chose the super hero so last time I was Spack Jarrow aka Jack Sparrow. What I would choose now? For the next time I am not sure, might be someone from Mortal Combat.

9. Speaking about the super heroes – do you have a super-secret tip for upcoming producers?

I think the most important thing especially now with so many djs there is to do the music you want to do, try to stand out and don’t do what everyone else is doing you know. Do what you feel good with, that is the most important thing from my point of view.

10. So who are your artists-to-watch recently?

Well I really like Kenneth G music, currently playing a lot of his music in my sets. Michael Mendoza – he is starting with a new name now, more tribal-ish but I think he is doing a really good job.



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