Orjan Nilsen

Orjan Nilsen – Between the Rays (MaRLo Remix)

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the partnership between Armada Music and Orjan Nilsen. Which has in turn led to a series of releases in celebration of it. The ‘Trance Viking’ has also confirmed that he is working on this third artist album, which is due for release some time later this year.

The anniversary packages included remixes of some of the Norwegian star’s biggest tracks, such as “Violetta”, “Endymion”, “Hands”, “So Long Radio”, “Amsterdam” and his debut hit “Red Woods”. The remixes featured known and upcoming stars such as KhoMha, Noah Neiman, DRYM, Protoculture, David Gravell & Australian Exis.

The third release to mark this celebration includes a remix of the track that jump-started Orjan Nilsen’s career in a heartbeat. Almost exactly five years after the release of “Between the Rays”, Australian prodigy MaRLo brought one of the biggest classics in trance back to life.

The choice of remixer comes as no surprise, as both producers share a great friendship off the decks and did an extensive list of shows together during 2015.

MaRLo is very well known for versatility and is currently one of the most unexpected and always-surprising artists in the scene. Covering styles from progressive to hardstyle, he is one that sure knows how to work a crowd. It is just recently that he announced his own series of shows in his homeland of Australia, called Altitude, including guests such as Ruben de Ronde, Emma Hewitt & Christina Novelli, to name a few.

Premiered on Armin van Buuren’s ASOT radioshow, the remix starts off with a groovy and driving electro-inspired bassline, which builds up into the main melody that still conquers dance floors since 2011. Throughout the production one can hear the ping-pong game between both, leading to the harmonic blend of the two elements reaching out for the outro.

MaRLo’s remix was premiered during Atlantis, Australia back in March 2016, where Orjan made a surprise appearance on stage alongside his Australian fellow.

The remix is out now and can be bought & streamed directly from here.