Prodigy’s most iconic album turns 19 years old

Prodigy are one of the forefathers of the electronic genre today. Dynamic in sound, groundbreaking in impact, their album “The Fat Of The Land” was released to the world on this day 19 years ago back in 1997. Going on to do what many albums from the electronic spectrum can only dream of. 
Held in legendary status by its impacted generations, tracks such as “Breathe“, “Funky Shit”, and “Firestarter” provided a whole new platform for the expanding sub-genre of music to evolve from. Selling over 10 millions copies as of 2012, the album has demonstrated the border-less and global appeal of what is now broadly dubbed electronic dance music.
Featuring lush pads, driving rhythm and apocalyptic synths, the album carried a diversity music fans hadn’t seen in LP’s. Ranking in the 100 greatest British albums ever and many lists regarding the 1990’s, the Prodigy’s work also received a number of five star ratings and also garnering a nomination for the 1997 Mercury Music Prize.
Relive the nostalgic Prodigy madness below and let us know what your favourite track off the album is!

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