Sandro Silva

Sandro Silva & Quintino’s “Epic” celebrates its 5th year anniversary

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When Dutchman Sandro Silva and Quintino formally released “Epic”, the electronic dance music scene changed forever. Considered to be the first true ‘Big Room’ house track, its spine tingling drop transformed the possibility of the genre. And its label’s Spinnin’ Records and Musical Freedom knew it.

Suited for the exponential Festival growth that was emerging at the time, the hard hitting sounds catered for audiences of thousands. Hitting the Number 1 position on the both the Dutch Top 40 and Top 100 charts, “Epic” became the 12th full instrumental to be No.1 in the nation that is arguably the modern home of House music.

Also featured on Swedish House Mafia’s compilation album ‘Until Now’, it kick-started a trending sub-genre that has given numerous artists a foundation for a fully fledged career. Martin Garrix most prominently. While rumored to have been Ghost Produced by the infamous Maarten Vorwerk, the production powerhouse was formally recognized on the crediting writer’s list. The track was also brought back into the spotlight, when it was deemed sampled the track for “Bang Bang”.

Nearing 20 million view on YouTube, Sando Silva and Quintino’s work has failed to provide the raw and fulfilling impact “Epic” did five years ago. That being said, very few tracks truly have altered the EDM landscape quite like this one.

Relive the madness below and let us know where you were when it was released five years ago today!

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