Sebastiaan Hooft

Sebastiaan Hooft – Up (Balearic Mix)

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Sebastiaan Hooft is an Amsterdam based DJ and producer with a difference. Sourcing his inspiration not just from a passion for the genre, or as career, but rather his well-being as well. In turn, resulting in a nine track portfolio that reflects a purer intent. Carrying an air of quality as it were.

Sebastiaan Hooft’s career didn’t start out in front of laptop’s, music software and behind DJ decks. Rather he has be at the helm of founding more the twenty companies over the past fifteen years. One of the most successful businessmen in The Netherlands, the 24/7, seven day a week lifestyle is one that didn’t attain the healthy balance he desired, or needed. He then went on to sell his businesses, giving the profit to charity. Before going on a crusade to find inspiration from around the globe.

Now an impassioned DJ/Producer, the late bloomer in the EDM sphere can lay claim to top 10 iTunes and Beatport charting’s. Already with a residency at Amsterdam’s iconic Club NL and performances in cities such as Tel Aviv, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Prague and Berlin, Sebastiaan Hooft’s infectious atmosphere’s are hitting the international scene. He also has tracks such as “Feels Like” and “Super Me” which gained significant radio exposure.

The ‘Balearic mix’ of his track “Up” is another example of his new found mindset. Formally relating to ‘a style of synthesized dance music that developed in Ibiza’, the track reflects the summery, traditional vibes found in the sun-kissed EDM mecca. Adjoined with sumptuous visuals, the tropical melodic track carries a much deeper sound than the original. Optimized for sun-soaked settings and laid back moods, Hooft’s balance is at the crux of his work.

Check out this rather special track below!

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