Shakecraft & Kamereon – Sweat

With electronic music taking over the world with thousands of releases daily, it is always a win when discovering hidden gems of undiscovered talent such as the mysterious duo Shakecraft & Kamereon. Released on Danny Howard‘s newly established label #NothingElseMatters, which proves itself as a platform for showcasing new talent. It launched in huge style with 99 Souls’s hit ‘The Girl Is Mine‘, and has since followed up with a mixture of both underground and radio-friendly releases, as well as a big event at London’s The Steelyard. Danny himself shared a solid reason behind the decision of launching the label:

“Everyday I’m discovering new tracks and extremely talented artists. Aside from supporting them on air and on the dancefloor, I’ve always wanted a way in which I can help even more people hear these incredible sounds.”

Featuring captivating female vocals, the dark & deep House track is sure to become hit during those late, mysterious and dark hours of the night.

When we asked Shakecraft & Kamereon what was the process of creation of “Sweat“, this is what they had to say:

“We didn’t have anything planned – we just wanted to have some fun in the studio and spent the day trying things. The track came to life that night, when the bassline was done and we wrote the topline more as a percussive part than an actual song, It felt magical and the lyrics landed perfectly to the mood of the track.

The track itself is pretty bare and the vocal and bass ended up driving the whole record – we didn’t want a long break as it seemed to slow down the feeling, so we kept it moving with short breaks and it becomes tougher as the track progresses. We used some special processing on the vocals to keep it loud without taking away from the track itself and since all the parts work as one unit, it was easy to let the vocal float over the track rather than inside it.

It was programmed and mixed on Logic with Ableton as a sidekick to support some beats and we also sped up the whole mix in Ableton as originally it was 120BPM – we felt that it worked better at 123BPM.”

The track is out via Danny Howards‘ label Nothing Else Matters and can be bought from here.