Sven Väth gets caught watching Football game during his set, responds in an epic way

FOMO.  Short for: fear of missing out, is a real thing and even famous DJ’s experience it.  It seems as though Sven Vath, a German Techno legend found a creative way to watch a football game because of his fear of missing out.  During his performance from this past weekend at Awakening in the Netherlands, pictures surfaced of Vath watching Germany vs Slovakia all while DJing to thousands of attendees.

Vath’s phone can clearly be seen atop a mixer between two vinyl turntables.  Sports fans and even music fans can’t fault his creativity and the Euro Cup is followed widely by many.  Sven Vath was still able to deliver a crowd-pleasing, vinyl mix.  This definitely shows that Vath is not only talented at DJing but also for multitasking.

Sven has responded in the most epic way:

I go by many names including Lilo, Chorizo, or Sharmander. Recently graduated!! Free spirit, adventurer, volunteer, and traveler enthusiast. Love meeting new people and doing new things. My goal is pushing myself to be better everyday. Huge trance addict. Promoting plur. Owl and Star Wars obsession.

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