Thomas Jack feat. Jasmine Thompson – Rise Up

The summertime vibes guru is back with his latest hit. Thomas Jack has collaborated with the incredible vocalist Jasmine Thompson to release “Rise Up,” his next release on Parlophone Records. After pioneering the “Tropical House” sound a few short years ago, the genre has seen massive expansion. Thomas Jack still stands at the forefront of the pack and tracks like “Rise Up” illustrate why.

When you first hear the record, you cannot help but be swept away to a tropical island with Jack’s impeccable sound. The combination of the piano chords, guitar, drums, and flute synths set the base for the song while Thompson’s soothing vocals tell the story. The record has a throwback feel to it, reminding us of the Woodstock era. “Rise Up” is perfect for the last few months of summer that are around the corner.

Thomas Jack and Jasmine Thompson’s “Rise Up” is available now on iTunes.