The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra – Amber

One of the most anticipated albums of all times is soon to be a reality, as The Thrillseekers has now confirmed numerous times that he is very close to its completion. If you needed any further assurance of that, the first single from “Escape” is already a fact! The track “Amber” under Steve Helstrip’s Hydra alias is now out via Future Sound of Egypt and it raises up the bars sky high to what is still to come.

The Thrillseekers has been one of the most renowned names in the trance industry for over 20 years. The creator of evergreen tracks such as Synesthesia and Song for Sendai has been the inspiration for many upcoming and already established producers. Steve’s debut album “Escape” will be released later on in 2016 under the Future Sound of Egypt imprint.

As one of the pioneers in the genre, Helstrip has been touring the world with this 15 years of Trance signature night, representing the best of electronic music in the past decade and a half. The tour is based on extended sets and has already had dozens of sold-out shows at various continents. Future gigs of this underrated legend include the massive Dreamstate, FSOE at the legendary Luxor Temple in Egypt, Australian tour and many more. You can see his full schedule here.

A tribute to the Trance sound of old, but with the precision of today, FSOE and The Thrillseekers’ alter ego Hydra, present ‘Amber’. The 10 minutes journey takes us back to the original vibes of trance music, where goosebumps will take over your body throughout the whole production. The mesmerizing melody brings a feeling of nostalgia, leading to the very energetic, powerful kicks past the drop, which flawlessly complement the vibrant bass-line. The euphoric vibe of the track perfectly represents the classic uplifting style and guarantees that trance is nowhere near dead.

As we couldn’t have agreed more with Aly & Fila, it is time now to give it one last push in the waiting of what is to be the best trance album in the 21st century.

“Amber” is now available for purchase and streaming from here.