Tom Swoon & Dank ft. Belle Humble – Phoenix

For most Progressive House listeners, there very name of Tom Swoon on a track is enough to get them on the edge of their seats. And what’s more is that Tom Swoon is a gift that keeps giving in varying sounds and styles. And in his latest track which is bound to land up high up on the charts, he combines forces with American DJ & Producer DANK, famous as the founder of Funky Element Records and running the scene for around 15 years. Also on show is the supremely talented Briton¬†Belle Humble, who does ever so brilliantly to lend her soothing voice to the entertaining production and proves that she is not one to be forgotten after a much relished collaboration with Qulinez on ‘Body Dancing‘. And coming off the back off a recent flurry of releases on Armada, Flamingo and Spinnin’, the Polish producer seems ready to break the charts once again with the upcoming ‘Phoenix‘ on Ultra Records.

The song kicks off in a typical Tom Swoon sound but DANK‘s Funky sound is often hinted at towards the start before Belle Humble takes over from the producers. Carrying us away in soothing fashion, the lyrics combined with muffled drums is what shows the true quality of the work that Humble puts in. The rest is magic from the fellow collaborators as we expect it to be a complete Tom Swoon show, the drop introduces us to the entwined sounds of the DANK’s way with the groovy and Swoon’s ability to put forward a captivating melody – all in one package. It only remains to be seen how far ‘Phoenix’ takes the ship forward on the charts as there is no doubt about the quality that it carries.

The track is out on Ultra Records and is available for a quick purchase through Beatport here!

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