Tomorrowland in talks about possible Thailand expansion

For over a decade, Tomorrowland has stood tall as Belgium’s, and possibly the world’s, most sought after festival experience. Captivating electronic music lovers with its groundbreaking set presentation, and overall venue design, Tomorrowland in its entirety sets the bar for an electronic music lovers dream. Announced this past week, World Planet Entertainment managing director Chatri Tungthiankul is looking to expand Thailand’s “travel-tainment”.

Discussion of where to hold a festival of this magnitude is requiring assistance from Thailand’s government as well. Kobkan Watthanawarangkoon, Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sports, is in process of finding a suitable location with the help of the Convention of and Exhibutions Bureau. Everyone involved is assured that travel agencies will be more than willing to help with the festival in hopes to increase Thailand’s global tourism.

“We have to prepare a venue that can host up to 450,000 attendees,” said Tungthiankul. “We will also have to be ready to facilitate the journey for festival-goers from other countries, specifically at the immigration control, because when people travel to the festival in other countries – Belgium, Brazil and the US – their personalised festival bracelet does all the work, including that of a passport.”

Tungthiankul also went on to say China as well as Japan are also interested in hosting the festival. Regardless of where it’s held, this is a huge step for electronic music and it’s globalization.

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