Travel back in time to Tomorrowland 2005

It’s been 11 years since Tomorrowland was born and since then it has become one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world, so let’s see how far it’s come.

Tomorrowland 2005 curated a lineup that had the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Coone & Technoboy. This was just a one-day format, Saturday 14th August to be precise, but, as you are more than aware, it is now a three day festival, showcasing music from Friday to Sunday. It became a two day festival in 2007 and then became a three day festival finally in 2011. The festival hosted 9,000 festival-goers, which is a massive difference when compared to what it is now at over 180,000 festival-goers!

Tomorrowland has also become known for selling out tickets in rapid time. Back in 2013, the festival was sold out ONE second after general admission tickets went on sale.  For Tomorrowland, this was a major success, as back in 2005, they had to give away free tickets to people just to fill out the stages & arenas more. Can you imagine that? Tomorrowland asking you to come along for free!

Take a look at what the festival’s main stage looked like back in 2005 in the picture below:


Now compare it to 2016:

tomorrowland main 2016

Still in the exact same spot, Tomorrowland has improved its sound system, visuals and designed world class stages like no others. In my opinion, this creative vision has helped the festival stand out from the many dance festivals we have today

Tomorrowland has also continued to flourish on social media. With over 9 million likes on Facebook and 2 million followers on Twitter, it is ranked higher than Ultra (1.37 million followers on Twitter & 3 million on Facebook) and EDC (326,000 followers on twitter & 1.8 million likes on Facebook) which makes it the festival with the biggest following and fan base.

This may have been helped by Tomorrowland’s decision to make the festival a global event, and increase the fan base to a worldwide audience. They then went on to create a sister-festival in the USA back in 2013, called TomorrowWorld. This ended up hosting 140,000 visitors over a weekend in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, making it a huge success on debut.

And the success doesn’t stop there, the festival then made another ‘spin-off’ festival in Brazil in 2015, known as Tomorrowland Brasil, which attracted over 180,000 attendees. With all of the tickets available sold out in just one day, reflecting its global status.

See for yourself how far the festival has come in the after-movies below!

2005 Aftermovie:

2015 Aftermovie: